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“Follow me ...”

The call of Jesus … continues today!


People have a natural desire to belong to a caring, welcoming community, where acceptance, security, healing and freedom, are felt and celebrated! This longing often becomes the driving force of our actions, leading us on a journey which lasts a lifetime — a journey of faith!


The “The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults” (RCIA) is that kind of journey! This process supports and encourages the “faith journey” of inquirers— persons of other religions denominations, or with no church affiliation at all — helping them find answers to their questions, in the light of Jesus’ teachings, as these are expressed in Sacred Scripture and Traditions, in Catholic worship, and in the celebration of the Sacraments. It helps inquirers discern their call, from the background of the faith life of Catholic Christians.

St. Mary Catholic Church invites you to be a part of our RCIA. Walk the journey with us ... get to know us better ... see who we are ... what our life as Catholic Christians is all about! Perhaps you have come to worship at St. Mary with your Catholic spouse, your fiancé, or with a friend. Maybe you have felt drawn to the Catholic faith, and want to know more about it. Possibly, you are feeling the need to have a closer relationship with God than you presently experience. Whatever the circumstance, RCIA may be just what you are searching for!


Classes held most Wednesdays at 6: 45 p.m.


Call the Parish Office (423-745- 4277) or Jack Cox (423-836-2979), or complete the form below.


Bring your questions, your concerns, yourself! 


Take a step in faith… Come journey with us now!

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