Children at First Communion

(A Two Year Preparation Program)

Our Lord Jesus continually and lovingly calls us to be joined to Him in His Mystical Body, the Church. It is by this means that He gives us His Real Presence in the Eucharist and continues to touch and heal us through Reconciliation.

Together we are preparing your child for this experience of Christ and His Church on a deeper level. The characteristics of these preparations are:


1. Your child attends Mass with you regularly.

In understanding Our Lord’s personal presence in the Eucharist and the Mass as a family meal, your child may more fully realize Our Lord’s presence in themselves and in your family.


2. A child/children in 2nd Grade or older student may be included.


3. The child/children must have attended CCD the prior year and the year of the Sacrament.


4.  If you (the parent) were not Baptized at St. Mary will need a new original Baptismal Certificate from your home parish of Baptism.