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Children’s Liturgy (do you want it called Liturgy or Ministry?) is an engaging program for preschool aged children who are at least 4 and up to 6 years old (or not yet in first grade.) We use prayer, lessons from the Bible, songs, activities and crafts to teach and reinforce the readings you are learning in Mass!  

Children in our parish are all welcome to join us in this program.  

When: During the 10:00 am mass


Where:  (Is there a name for the room?)

How: Be sure to have you child use the restroom prior to dropoff & remain with them until you are certain the volunteer teachers are ready.  

Children's Liturgy FAQ's: 

When is the children's liturgy held?​


Can I drop my child off at children's liturgy but attend mass at another time?

  • As part of this ministry, parents must remain in church while their child attends Children’s Liturgy. 

Could I volunteer to help out?

  • Volunteers are always welcome!  Requirements???

Additional info that can be answered by FAQ??

Please feel free to speak or email Kay Prevatte (is this correct?) if you have any questions! Any questions and/or offers to help can be directed to who??? (pls indicate how you want to be contacted

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