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A Catholic parish is the most important part of our Catholic Church. This is where we continue the mission of Jesus Christ through evangelization to our members and the community. In our parish, we publicly express our faith, joining together with others to give proof of our communion with God and with one another. 

There are many reasons to register. The most important reason is that you desire a sense of belonging in your church community. You are making a commitment to practice your faith. This commitment should be a high priority in your life. You should be willing to give of your time, talent and treasure to your church community.

-- Membership in the parish gives one the correct access in receiving the sacraments. 

-- Membership provides letters for Godparents or Sponsors for confirmation. 

-- Membership allows a lower rate for funeral and wedding donations. 

-- Membership makes you part of the parish, just like other organizations and groups. 

-- Membership entitles you to receive parish mailings, keep informed about events, changes and special announcements. 

-- Membership provides the parish staff basic information to best serve your pastoral needs. 

-- Membership provides fellowship.

The following CONFIDENTIAL information is requested by the Parish Administration in order to determine the types and level of services it should strive to offer to its Parishioners. Law and practice strictly prohibit distribution of this information. The information presented to St Mary SHALL NOT be copied, transmitted, distributed to anyone or any organization outside of related St Mary parish organizations. All Parishioners information is secured and its access is limited to a need-to-know basis.

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